Whether you love it for our best-in-class schedule analysis capabilities or our industry-leading forensics, enjoy award-winning solutions you just won’t find anywhere else.
We pick up where your scheduling program falls short.

Hit the ground running.

Start improving your projects instantly. As an enhancement for your favorite ERP system, there’s no new software, no setup time, no learning curve – just pure, solid results.

Gain foresight you’ve never had before, to select the best project plans.

Compare alternative schedules to choose the best path to the finish line for your project. Marrying in-depth data analysis with user-friendly outputs, drive decision-making with clearer comparisons of your scheduling options.

Customize features to how you like to work.

Built On Vision’s tailored approach allows you to analyze schedules, forecast, and exercise project controls in your own way. Customize units of time measurement, translate schedule languages, and much more, for a complete feature suite designed around how you do business.

Automatically synthesize a wealth of data in minutes. 

Companies can’t afford the human error that comes with analyzing hundreds of schedules – much less the days and weeks it takes to do so. Built On Vision rapidly and accurately analyzes data with the most thorough output of any system on the market.

At-a-glance reporting for confident decision-making.

Award-winning data analysis features are captured in easy-to-read, user-friendly reports that synthesize data in the most useful ways, including Microsoft Excel sheets.


The industry’s most trusted forensics tool.

Built under the guidance of internationally renowned forensics experts, Built On Vision is the forensics tool of choice when every minute, every dollar, and every detail matters.

Goodbye, language boundaries.

For international projects, the language barrier continues to be a costly hurdle. Now, you can translate schedules to and from any language in seconds, with the simple press of a button. Sounds too good to be true? Request your private demonstration and see for yourself.


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