About seven years ago we were at the height of RevelPoint Advanced Cloud Scheduling development. Two of my partners visited Kenji Hoshino and his team at Project Controls & Forensics to show them the power of then new software. The AACE had just published its RP29R-03 Forensic Schedule Analysis recommended practices, which included half-step analysis as Method Implementation Protocol (MIP) 3.4. Kenji championed the method and pressed us to add the feature to RevelPoint. Automating half-step analysis, which is not for the faint of heart, became a prominent feature on RevelPoint development roadmap, but RevelPoint was sold to Autodesk before we were able to start the development.

Fast forward about five years; I put half-step automated analysis on the Built On Vision (BOV software) development roadmap. Our fast, cloud-based Built On Vision had already established itself as advanced project controls and a forensic tool to supplement P6 and MSP. It also contained an advanced calculation engine that provided powerful and unique forensic capabilities. So, you can imagine my surprise when my team informed me that we’d have to revamp the calculation engine and make it about an order of magnitude faster before considering a half-step analysis feature. This revamp would be necessary particularly in light of my requirement that the half-step analysis feature be able to batch-process multiple sequential updates complete with comparison capabilities and generating half-step schedule export files back to P6, all while retaining the advanced calculation options available for normal or forensic calculations and simulations.

In all, it took almost two years to complete and test the most advanced half-step analysis currently available. The user can identify two or more (a lot more) schedules, and BOV will chronologically organize them per data dates, process the user’s calculation parameters, and create and calculate half-step schedules for each pair- which can then be analyzed directly in BOV, as well as imported back into P6. This unprecedented level of analysis will literally save project teams hundreds of hours or more, especially when used on large projects.

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