Built On Vision is an award-winning software company.

With software experts, world-renowned construction experts and business strategists joining forces to solve project controls problems through better technology, success was our only option.

Our Story

They say that “if you want something done right, you better do it yourself.” So we did.

In our case, that popular phrase set the course for us to create an award-winning software that is now used on projects across continents, on projects valued at over $10B.

We began with a straightforward but looming problem: construction projects, whether to build a highway, a bridge, an oil refinery, or anything else, were overlooking scheduling factors along the way. Those gaps, miscalculations, or errors cost construction firms or their clients millions and sometimes billions of dollars. Why? Because the software they were using to predict and plan was falling short in key ways.

So we gathered the right people and had a conversation about it:

What would airtight project controls look like?

What if costing and scheduling could “talk” to one another? What if we broke down traditional software siloes and provided an integrated solution? What would projects look like if we could actually see all the factors that affect time and money – in a single screen?

We drew insight from construction experts, software architects, and business executives, and began to map out a dream software. Software that would allow teams to collaborate, anywhere they are in the world. Something that would react to constantly-updated data. A software system that would help users flag when something was going off the rails, and would allow us access to our data from anywhere, at any time, by any authorized user, without installing software and configuring databases.

Something that would support companies trying to build new and better things in today’s fast-paced, global landscape.

Today, Built On Vision is proud to have won a stream of awards whether from software organizations or specific industries in which our software is used.

The awards are important, but the raving customer feedback is what keeps us excited. We continue to innovate our software with new added features, Artificial Intelligence capabilities and more. We have big plans.

The way we see it, better project controls mean better results. And that is better for companies, their clients, and everyone’s blood pressure.

Built On Vision is based in beautiful Laguna Beach, California.

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Michael SaddikCo-founder & Chief Executive Officer
Michael S. Saddik is an accomplished strategic executive with over 25 years of experience working with both domestic and international businesses. He previously founded a successful start-up (NextWeb), which grew to dominate its market segment, achieve national recognition as an Inc 500 Company (#104), and accomplish a successful M&A exit.

Michael sits on the Board of The Lupus Foundation of Northern California, a non-profit organization. He holds an MBA from Pepperdine University with an emphasis on executive leadership, and was recognized in 2018 by the University as an outstanding alumni.

George GoubranCo-founder & Chief Technology Officer
Avid technologist, executive, and entrepreneur, George has more than 15 year of experience as an operational leader with extensive experience in corporate development. With unique insight into leveraging performance metrics, he brings a fresh perspective to distilling complex and strategic inputs into user-friendly solutions. His specialty is scoping and managing projects in the best ways to support the needs of a diverse range of clients and stakeholders, so that projects are finalized within budget and time frame parameters. He’s a secret weapon behind how BOV helps our customers achieve cost-efficient, optimal outcomes.

George was honored in the Pepperdine University (MBA, ‘16) 40 Over 40 Alumni list in 2018.


Built On Vision is privately held. 
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