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What is Your Schedule Costing You?

For years, firms have struggled to understand how cost, resources and schedule interplay. The results are in the failure rate of meeting budgets and timelines. With siloed software that only paints a fraction of the picture, too much of project planning comes down to guesswork.

Built On Vision’s custom software integrations provide answers for the first time, including:

  • How is timing affecting cash flow?

  • How do your costs change as the schedule shifts?
  • How is the schedule affecting my forecast?
  • What will I be paying for next month?
  • How are various jobs affecting your company’s cash flow across the portfolio?

If you’re ready for intersecting analysis and clear answers about scheduling decisions, forecasts, cost drivers, cash flow and more, you’ve come to the right place.

Find out why projects around the world are using Built On Vision.

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“I was doing all the metrics manually and sometimes it was taking me two weeks… I can get the metrics within seconds… it’s all laid out, no formatting needed for the spreadsheets.”

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Built On Vision’s features support every phase of your project, from forecasting and scheduling to project execution. Its state of the art forensics tools are commonly relied upon by industry experts in their evaluations, recommendations and testimony.

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